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Filtration Systems

Smith & Loveless Ltd. offers unique filtration and membrane system solutions for both potable and commercial process water applications. Our long-time affiliation with global partner and separation specialists Kalsep UK Ltd. enables us to deliver innovative but cost-effective systems to the world market. Key examples include our proprietary FIBROTEX® and FIBROTEX® IronMan™ filtration systems, which efficiently remove particulate matter and pathogens from well water sources. Additionally, we offer complete membrane system solutions ideal for small and medium flows. Membrane ratings range from reverse osmosis to microfiltration.

UV Systems

KALWAVE is an advanced water disinfection system which uses a unique combination of Ultraviolet light and Ultrasound for the disinfection of water.
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Fibrotex Filtration

FIBROTEX® enables a choice of water sources, including boreholes, rivers and canals to be utilised, minimising the consumption of costly mains water.
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Membrane Filtration

Kalsep can supply a wide range of high performance membranes specifically designed to address water treatment application.
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Skid Mounted

Kalsep has comprehensive knowledge and experience in the building of skid-mounted systems for pumps, compressors, duplex strainers & filters; whether industry standard, modular skid design or bespoke rig systems.
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S&L Biological Treatment Equipment Catalog

From MBR Systems, to Fixed Film, Aeration and Clarifiers, we have it all here in our latest edition of the treatment systems catalog.
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Contact our Filtrations Systems expert, Andy Hornabrook, on +44 (0) 7787 227346 who will filter out the details you need to know.