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Grit Pumps vs. Airlifts

Why Grit Airlifts Cost You Too Much Time & Money

There are only two automatic ways to physically remove the grit slurry from the grit chamber’s storage hopper; Airlift or centrifugal Grit Pump.

Although grit airlifts are still widely used in the UK, the centrifugal Grit Pump is, by far, the more efficient method of transfer due to the improvements in pumping technology and wider availability of pumps designed exclusively for pumping grit. The centrifugal grit pump can be applied on any existing grit removal system.

Airlift Pumps
Airlift Pumps are less efficient, clog more and require more maintenance. All of this costs you more money over time.

Benefits of Centrifugal Grit Pumps

      More energy efficient
      Less ‘Plugging’ of the grit piping
      Less routine maintenance
      Reduced Performance Costs
      Lower Operating Costs
      Minimal Wearing Parts
      Remote-Mounted using gravity flow
      Top-Mounted using vacuum priming

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