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The TOTEX Solution for Sewage and Storm Water Pumping

In 1946, B. Alden Smith and Compere Loveless manufactured the first off-site-built packaged pump station, which revolutionised the sewage pump industry. Now, more than 70 years later, packaged Smith & Loveless pumping systems, featuring robust, high efficiency S&L Non-Clog Pumps, handle modern “flushable” laden wastewater for utilities, developments and industry around the world. Our complete line of off-site-built and tested pumps and systems include surface-mounted and underground wastewater lift stations, vacuum primed centrifugal pumps, flooded suction centrifugal pumps, immersible pumps, grit pumps, trash handling pump impellers, and multiple pump control systems. Smith & Loveless Ltd. offers standard and bespoke system designs, tailored to meet customer demands for performance and delivery time.

Cost Comparison Background

For more than 12 years, the progressive Unified Government of Wyandotte County and Kansas City, Kan. has kept detailed records of all repair and maintenance work orders for the 53 duplex wastewater pump stations in its sewerage network. Of these stations (all with flow conditions of less than 63 lps per pump), 32 are Smith & Loveless vacuum primed Wet Well Mounted Pump Stations (WWMPS) and 21 are submersible pump stations. This study measures and compares labour hours and costs, outside contractor expense, parts costs and total expenditures for these stations over the 12-year period.

RESULTS: 12-Year Cost Comparison

Surface Mounted Pump Stations

S&L’s surface mounted wastewater pumping stations feature robust construction, operator-safe maintenance and single-source solutions. Confined space entry is eliminated along with zero ATEX requirements. The result is efficient pump station performance, long service life and realised savings, verified by decades of successful installations.

Recessed Pump Stations

S&L delivers even more effective work space with the Rectangular Recessed Pump Station, featuring streamlined arrangements and significantly more room inside than circular designs. With grade level access, the station maintains a low profile, earth insulation for colder climates and the ability to service deeper wet wells.

Skid-Mounted Pump Stations

S&L can provide a complete pump station without enclosures for end-users wishing to utilise a pre-existing building or built-in-place structure. In some cases, the entire building along with the pumps, is supported by the station baseplate. Other designs use a concrete cap over the wet well to support the building enclosure and the pump skid.

Fight Flushables.  Fight Clogs.

Flushables and other stringy materials are one of the biggest problems in sewage pumping.  No one wants to get that call at 3am that your pumps have clogged.  Fight clogs with the S&L Non-Clog Pump and a wide array of other options to help you sleep at night.

X-PELLER® Non-Clog Impeller

The X-PELLER® expels stringy materials, rags and “flushables” due to its mono-port design. It works smoothly with high volumes of trash and low flow conditions with vacuum primed and flooded suction S&L Pumps.  Read More >

TESTIMONIAL:  UK Operator experiences multiple clogs per week, then becomes clog-free for 2.5 years and counting after installing the X-PELLER®.  See video >

RAPIDJACK™ Quick Clean Non-return Valve

Smith & Loveless has revolutionised wafer non-return valve maintenance with the new RAPIDJACK™.  Clearing non-return valves of stringy materials and obstructions will now take 15 minutes or less with the new RAPIDJACK™. 
Read More >

WaveStart™ Priming System

S&L’s newest advanced pump prime sensing system is the most reliable pump priming system in the world.  The WaveStart™ senses multiple variables in the area of the probe using an embedded algorithm to determine whether liquid is present in the pump.  Read More >

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