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S&L Pump Stations Save 50% Over Submersibles

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One municipality keeps detailed records on all repair and maintenance work orders and costs for its 53 pump stations, some submersible and some S&L Wet Well Mounted. A 12-year study of the data revealed nearly 56 percent lower operating expenses for the S&L stations compared to submersibles—a differential nearing 25 labour hours and £2,099  ($2,726) per station per year!


The Surface Mounted Advantage

• All pumps, valves, controls and piping accessible at ground level
• No confined space requirements for routine O&M
• One operator can easily inspect and maintain stations
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Total Life-Cycle Support

• 3-D modeling, CAD,and other value-added technical services
• Simple installation and startup with complete After Market support
• 10-year warranty protection for various pump station equipment
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Advanced Pumping Technology

S&L STAR ONE™ Pumps provide leading efficiencies
X-PELLER® Impeller passes 3″ solids and problem flushables
QuickSmart™ Touchscreen controller, text message controls and more
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