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UK Hospital Benefits from Above Grade Pump Station

A hospital was able to take back ownership of its lift station equipment and dramatically reduce its operations costs by converting from submerisble pumps to an above-ground wet well mounted pump station. Previously, routine O&M items like pulling the submersible pump to change a seal or impeller required obtaining entry tickets, tripods, safety harnesses, air monitoring equipment and more. The submersible pump would clog frequently, and at all times of the day. The hospital frequently employed contractors to eliminate the hassles and operator safety concerns associated with these submersible pump O&M tasks, but this carried a great cost.

Since converting to the S&L wet well mounted pump station, however, the hospital’s operations staff is able to quickly and safely access the above-ground system and conduct all routine O&M tasks themselves. Better yet, pump clogs have been a thing of the “passed” thanks to the station’s mono-port X-PELLER® Impeller. With nearly two years of service from the station, contractor costs have been completely eliminated.

S&L EVERLAST™ pump station

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