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Providing the United Kingdom with Efficient Water and Wastewater Equipment

Smith & Loveless Ltd.’s focus is on the United Kingdom and European market. S&L Ltd. offers the complete S&L Inc. line of Wastewater Sewage Pumping, Inlet Works, Water Treatment, Biological treatment and filtration systems that are sold, manufactured and serviced from the Somerset location. Our service also includes maintaining a full complement of spare parts stocked in the Somerset warehouse.

Sewage Pumping System

With 70 years of experience, S&L offers our Surface-Mounted Pump Station, which saves on maintenance, parts & operation costs versus submersibles, while keeping your operators safely above grade.

Get Pumping

Inlet Works

With four decades of grit science and experience drawn from more than 2,500 installations, S&L’s inlet works systems lead the industry and are designed to remove 95% of grit down to 100 micron at all flows.

Remove More Grit

Biological Treatment

Smith & Loveless Ltd. offers a complete range of aerobic, biological wastewater treatment systems to meet the varied needs of industry, commercial facilities, municipalities, and private development.

Treat Yourself Right

Filtration Systems

With global partner and separation specialists Kalsep UK Ltd., S&L Ltd. offers unique filtration and membrane system solutions for both potable and commercial process water applications.

Filter Out the Competition

UVDB Registered Vendor

Smith & Loveless Ltd. is registered with the Achilles Utilities Vendor database (UVDB)and is an approved Achilles Link-Up registered supplier.

S&L Ltd. Blog

Join the discussion with S&L Ltd. as we discuss all things Wastewater Sewage Pumping, Inlet Works, and Water Treatment.  Start talking!

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