Skid-Mounted Water Treatment

Kalsep has comprehensive knowledge and experience in the building of skid-mounted systems for pumps, compressors, duplex strainers & filters; whether industry standard, modular skid design or bespoke rig systems.

Skid-Mounted Systems for Pumps, Compressors, Duplex Strainers & Filters

Kalsep is familiar with the materials used for skid frame construction and has experience using both Stainless and Carbon Steel.  Pipework materials used include Stainless Steel, ABS, HDPE and PVC.

Not only does Kalsep build skids for its own plant systems but has a reputation amongst many contractors for assisting them in the building of skids and pipework for their systems too.

Additionally, Kalsep’s expertise in creating software programmes, designing and building control panels, allows us to offer the full complement on stand-alone skids.

Kalsep enjoys working closely with other contractors and their customers and often continues the relationship in the support and maintenance of such systems.  Our fully trained engineers will test and commission the installed systems and provide appropriate customer training and dedicated after sales service.