Highest Removal Efficiencies with S&L Inlet Works Systems

95% Grit Removal of 105 micron and larger at all flows, only with Smith & Loveless.

95% Grit Removal

Some manufacturers say they remove 95% of grit, but only at certain flows. S&L’s PISTA® removes 95% of grit at ALL FLOWS.

So Advanced… So Efficient… It’s Baffling!

After pioneering the first flat-floor forced vortex grit chamber, S&L continues to lead the industry in advanced hydraulic grit removal research and development by emphasising a combination of CFD analysis and field testing. The state-of-the-art PISTA® brand is the technological world leader.

S&L Grit Removal System efficiencies achieved for new installations and retrofitting existing grit removal systems from any manufacturer


  PISTA® Vio

  PISTA® 360™ B


300 Microns




210 Microns




150 Microns




105 Microns




PISTA® Grit Removal System

With more than 2,900 installations world-wide, 95% Grit Removal of 105 microns at makes the PISTA® the industry’s leading grit removal system.

Grit Transport & Dewatering

S&L grit pumps and dewatering systems eliminate common problems and offer high retention of fine grit without the burden of high maintenance.

Wastewater Screens

S&L offers a complete array of screening technologies, including complete screenings, compacting and washing equipment selections.

Easily Upgrade to 95% Grit Removal Efficiency

You can save both time and money by rehabilitating your ageing grit removal system with the Smith & Loveless PISTA® OPTIFLOW 270® upgrade. We can help solve inherent problems in your current vortex chamber with our latest grit removal technology.

Upgrade Benefits

  • Use existing chamber without need for new construction.
  • Achieve 95% grit removal at 150 micron and above with addition of OPTIFLOW 270® baffle using S&L’s patented flatfloor design and baffle technology.
  • Better velocity control to achieve optimum vortex at varying flows to prevent grit deposition in the inlet channel.
  • Minimize organics in the extracted grit to reduce landfill costs & odors.
  • Virtually eliminate clogging in your airlift pump discharge line
    with the PISTA® TURBO™ Grit Pump.
  • Replace inefficient grit classifier with S&L’s PISTA® TURBO™ Grit Washer high efficiency grit handling system.